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Triple Threat

Can love endure kidnapping, torture, undercover assignments?

Indigo and Jade are cousins, and Ebony is their childhood friend. Indigo and Jade own their own computer consulting firm, and Ebony runs a youth center. Kyle, Keith and Kendrick are cousins, and Kyle and Keith are members of the Dallas police force while Kendrick is a former FBI agent turned youth counselor. The women are drop dead gorgeous and the men look like fantasies come to life. The six of them meet at a night club, and sparks begin to fly instantly. All three love affairs blaze out of control until all three men must go undercover to capture the top brass of a ring of criminals.

Will these three couples be able to move past the kidnapping, torture, and secrets to find the love of a lifetime?

Food From The Heart

Love battles a criminal mastermind, a rogue agent,
and a traitor. Who will claim the victory?

Quentin gets a first look at Quintana as she is discussing the menu for his sister�s wedding reception with his sister. He is instantly drawn to the unknown woman sitting on his sister�s couch, and she is just as drawn to him. The relationship quickly heats up, but the coals become quickly cooled by outside forces. How does Quentin keep up his cover, watch his back, and close this case without losing the woman that he loves? How does Quintana maintain her loyalty to her best friend, remain loyal to her man, and not become a pawn in the game of war and peace that they are both players in?

Does love conquer all? Or will crime truly be their downfall?

Heart, Body, and Soul

A chance meeting on a Georgia Highway. A reunion on African soil. A black market for African Artifacts. Can these three ingredients lead to a love everlasting?

Marquise is waiting for the one that got away, and when he catches her he receives an unexpected surprise. Zamora has just lost the last member of her immediate family, and is barely holding on when she encounters an Ebony Adonis on a Georgia highway. They share a one night stand expecting to never see each other again, but two years later they find themselves together on African soil chasing the mastermind behind an African Artifacts black market operation. While on the mission, they make a discovery that could destroy their dreams of happily ever after.

Can destiny be fulfilled without sacrificing love?

Snake Chaser

Realized Love, Lost Love, Secret Love

Sylvia�s whole life has centered around being a Marine, and she put love on a shelf in order to be the best Marine that she could possibly be. Then one night in a South American jungle, she throws caution to the wind and embraces the love she has been carrying around in her heart for fourteen years only to have that love taken from her by a criminal mastermind. Then this die-hard Marine, who has lost everyone she has ever loved, goes rogue as her main focus becomes bringing this criminal mastermind to justice.

However, the new man in charge has been keeping close tabs on her every movement, and has secretly fallen in love with the rogue Marine. He�s just waiting on the right opportunity to tell her how he feels.

Can she remove the hard shell she has placed around her heart to receive the love being offered?

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